Dwarka. Mythical City Found Under Water?

Dwarka, one of the best-studied underwater sites in India, has commanded much attraction, also because the site is considered as one of the four Dhamas (sacred place for pilgrimage) of the Hindu religion. According to ancient Sanskrit literature, Lord Krishna founded the holy city of Dwarka, which subsequently got submerged in the sea.

Dwarka the sunken city

Dwarka the sunken city

Marine archaeological explorations off Dwarka have brought to light a large number of stone structures. They are are semicircular, rectangular and square in shape and are in water depth ranging from inter tidal zone to 6 m. They are randomly scattered over a vast area. Besides these structures, a large number of varieties of stone anchors have been noticed along the structures as well as beyond 6 m water depth.

These findings suggest that Dwarka was one of the most busy port centers during the past on the west coast of India. The comparative study of surrounding sites indicates that the date of the structures of Dwarka may be between Historical period and late medieval period.

Mainstream scientists maintain that ancient Indian culture/civilization goes back some 4-5 thousand years. Yet the ruins below the Gulf of Cambay go back at least 9 thousand years, i.e. to the time when the area submerged under water.

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This means that the city must have existed before the flooding, i.e. at least 9 thousand years ago.

The explorations conducted in the Gulf of Cambay waters revealed sandstone walls, a grid of streets and some evidence of a sea port 70 feet under water. The ruins have been proclaimed the remains of the legendary lost city of Dwarka which, according to ancient Hindu texts, was the dwelling place of the deity known as Krishna.
dwarka sunken city According to ancient Hindu texts Dwarka was a skirmish ground for lord Krishna and king Salva. As the Mahabharata describes King Salva attacked Dwarka with a flying machine. It is the description of the battle that draws the attention of the ancient aliens theorists, as it seems to suggest it was fought with sophisticated technology and advanced weapons, potentially even with a craft attacking from the orbit. The space craft commenced an attack on the city with the use of energy weapons, which to the on-lookers resembled a discharge of a lightning, and it was so devastating that after the attack most of the city lay in ruins.

Lord Krishna counterattacked and fired his weapons on the ship. They looked like arrows yet they roared like a thunder and shone like rays of the Sun when released.

Until recently the very existence of the city of Dwarka was a matter of legends. Now, that the remains have been discovered under water, and with many clues seeming to suggest that this, indeed, is the legendary Dwarka, dwelling place of lord Krishna, could it be that lord Krishna and his aerial battle with king Salva were more than just a legend?

The implications of accepting the archeologists’ finds as proof that the sunken city is indeed the legendary Dwarka would be very significant for the understanding of what the Mahabharata is. It would no longer be merely a book of myths and legends, but in fact, at least to some extent, a genuine account of past events.

Dwarka, the Sunken City documentary:

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  • Kartik

    I have been seen your videos in search of the first lost city of dwarka the city of lord Krishna which was sunk thousands of years ago. I Kartik Pattni have been getting visions of the lost city. The actual temple of lord Krishna has still not yet been found, what has been found is just another city which had been merged with the ocean. I have the clear vision of the city of lord Krishna. If you want to know more than you can contact me on kartikpattni@gmail.com. Thank you……

    • kapil b khanna

      Dear Kartik..you have a vision of LORD KRISHNA ‘s city ? You mean a vision in your mind and imagination ? Interesting …!

      • shashi yadav

        I had seen bansuri (flute) embedded in a wall in my dream , I don’t know where but I had seen this dream 2 to 3 years ago

        • aashinder kashyap

          ghanta bajaao ………….. it could be that city of lord krishna but the myth of being a bettle between aliens and human is definatly a westage of time

          • Srabon Hasan

            i don’t think so. Aliens do exist, and you can’t deny their presence.

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  • Dushyant Karwa

    Very interesting read! I see a lot of speculations going on though that the city is thought to be some 32000 years old or some even say 12000 years. Have any of the ruins of the ancient city brought up to the surface? Don’t remember them but I believe they must be preserved somewhere as a proof the existence of the city.

    Also the fact that in the battle between Krishna and Salva, there was use of advanced weapons, particularly use of energy is astonishing. I always had the impression that battles in ancient times were fought with swords, bow and arrows,etc. Yes some people were given the blessings of the “Devtas” where they would posses some supernatural powers!

    • Dushy, swords, bows and arrows is what we believe we are reading about in ancient books and scriptures. Based on the relatively simple language and picturesque, fairy-tale like descriptions used in old books we tend to make a simple assumption that ancient people must have been relatively primitive with their technologies, and attributed lots of natural phenomena and occurrences to various deities and gods. However, Mahabharata is famous for its detailed technical descriptions of flying machines that sound and look plausible to engineers of today. Also, imagine the language a primitive person would use trying to describe a technology from beyond his/her paradigm? S/he would look for words that best describe what s/he would see, in the language s/he knows – would probably say “arrows” instead of “rockets” simply because this technology (and the language) did not exist at that time. I wrote an article on how anthropologists determined the way beliefs (and language) are formed – see “How did Religions Come About?” in the Science Fact section.

      Thank you for your comment!

      • ReignForrest

        “Mahabharata is famous for its detailed technical descriptions of flying machines (“liquid mercury plasma engines”!) that sound and look plausible to engineers of today.”

        Gobbledegook. No they don’t. No scientifically thinking “engineers of today” would come to such conclusions by mixing myth and science into a mishmash. Science is made of more dispassionate investigation than that.

        • Greg

          Trouble is, engineers are not scientists. They tend to take the pragmatic point of view

          • Neo Salivahana

            Greg, thanks for the falsifiable statement. All it takes to disprove your statement is to go and find a pattern in the submerged city. Unless people for some weird reasons decided in the past to discard their relics into the sea systematically to form a city like structure, you are looking at a real city here.

          • Greg

            I am not arguing the existence of the ruins. just their age.

          • jrd

            There is absolutely no doubt about it that Dwarka has been found underwater. I’ve dove there. So has Graham Hancock and many other explorers and researchers. There’s zero doubt about this. The last time it would have been above sea level would be at least 7,000 but most likely 9,000 or more years ago.

          • Neel Gupta

            & the date of submergance of the city, as the retreating of the glaciers (interglacial period).



  • Since Dwarka has been found then Mahbaharta is correct

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  • Neo Salivahana

    Whenever Vedic scholars claim something, our academia dismisses it as some esoteric claims. They flatly refuse to believe anything. For Westerners, I understand. They have their own inferiority/ superiority complex to blame. Why Indians scholars to? Whose recognition are they seeking? Do the awards given to them, for undermining the validity of indigenous research quench their greed for accomplishment? I congratulate the author for doing enough research and putting things into perspective. Whoever you are, you have done a decent job. Keep it up!

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  • Gavin Davies

    The excavators dated it to the 14th century BC.

    Rao, S.R., 1987. Marine archaeological explorations off Dwarka, northwest coast of India.

  • Gavin Davies

    More details on the site are in this article.

    Tripati, S.I.L.A. and Gaur, A.S., 1992. Search for Dwarka. Aditya Prakashan, New Delhi.

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