UFO Debate on Larry King Live.

Skeptics meet experts and eye-witnesses. Watch the clash of opinions on popular Larry King Live show on CNN. The debate gets heated at some points and jabs are exchanged as the skeptics refuse to accept that the witnesses actually know what they saw.

Larry King UFO Debate

We had a lot of fun watching this UFO debate. In one of his 2008 shows Larry King hosted a discussion on UFOs with a number of guests from both sides of the fence on board – eye witnesses, the UFO phenomenon researchers, and the skeptics. It was heated at some points, some jabs were exchanged, but it brilliantly proves one point – there is no talking with a dead set skeptic. It is funny how at some point, having no argument up the sleeve, Bill Nye (on the skeptics side), just got stuck repeating that “there is quite a step” from X to Y (in terms of logical explanation of certain phenomena). The credentials, career paths, number and caliber of the witnesses did not seem to bother the gentleman. As if he believed all the witnesses suffered from some sort of a mass hallucination. Yet, watching all this we had a gut feeling that the skeptics were empty handed in the exchange.

Dramatis personae:

Researchers and witnesses

– Capt. Robert Salas, USAF Ret., 1973-1995 Federal Aviation Administration
– Robert Hastings UFO researcher
– James Fox, filmmaker, executive producer of the award winning Out of the Blue
– Prof. Stanton Friedman, physicist, author
– Robert Jameson, former USAF officer
Robert Jacobs, 1st Lieutnant USAF Ret. photographic instrumentation officer


– Seth Shostak, Ph.D. Senior Astronomer, SETI Institute
Bill Nye, “The Science Guy”, Member of the Skeptic Society

The material is split into four 10-minute episodes. We recommend watching in order.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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