Who is Dr. Steven Greer?

The answer seems obvious: Dr Steven Greer is one of the most prominent (if not THE most prominent) individuals on the UFO scene today. In fact, he has had the run for pole position in the UFO community for at least 13 years now - ever since he became popular as a result of the famous press conference he organized at the National Press Club in D.C that featured 20 retired Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration and intelligence officers to testify that UFOs and alien presence on Earth is fact, not fiction. But who is he, really?

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Who is Dr Steven Greer?


Dr. Steven Greer’s detailed biography is public domain information and can be found in many sources (Facebook, Wikipedia, Books). The key turning points in his biography are as follows:

1) He completed his graduate work at East Tennessee State University James H. Quillen College of Medicine in 1987. He attended MAHEC University of North Carolina where he completed his internship in 1988 and received his Virginia medical license in 1989.

2) In 1990 Greer founded the Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) to “create a diplomatic and research-based initiative to contact extraterrestrial civilizations”.

3) In 1997, Greer along with other members of CSETI, including Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, made a presentation at a background briefing for members of Congress.

4) In 2001 he organized the famous press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC, the event that marked the launch of the Disclosure Project – a “nonprofit research, whose goal is to disclose to the public the government’s alleged knowledge of UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and advanced energy and propulsion systems”.

On the more other-worldly note, Dr. Steven Greer claims to have seen an ETV (Extraterrestrial Vehicle) at close range in 1965 which inspired his interest in UFOs and extraterrestrial life. As a result of that encounter he started having what he calls “lucid dreams” which never left him for the rest of his life. In those dreams he claims to have been experiencing “night encounters with beings who were not from the Earth”[1] as well as all kinds of out-of-body experiences, like flying over different, distant parts of Earth, having “celestial visions”, out of which he always emerged in the state of “complete freedom and happiness”.

There seem to be two elements that made young Steven Greer particularly susceptible to everything extraterrestrial, one being the above mentioned close encounter of 1965 and the other the particular way he was brought up:

“I was far too busy during high school to become enthralled with the stuff of pop-culture that absorbed many teenagers from late ’60s through early ’70s. I simply didn’t have access to the luxuries most middle class kids took for granted, and basic survival was a constant preoccupation (…) Instead, I began to read the Vedas (the ancient, sacred literature of India) and study Sanskrit. On my own I learned about meditation and the concept of transcendence, which fit quite comfortably into my psyche. I’d been raised outside the confines of formal religion”.[2]

After he dropped his ER career to found the CSETI he made his name as an expert on extraterrestrial visitations to Earth and the “industrial-military complex” cover-up of it. Dr. Steven Greer firmly claims that the said complex keeps secret advanced propulsion system acquired from the aliens via either hostile operations (shooting down and retrieving crashed flying discs) or negotiations (where there is a parallel reality in which US government has made contact with aliens and benefits from it technologically).

Dr. Greer further asserts that most of the reported sightings as we know them are not of ET craft but, in fact of the so-called ARVs – Alien Reconstructed Vehicles – developed by the military by means of reverse-engineering of secured disks in top-secret military installations like Area 51.

In Mr Greer’s world not only is the World denied the truth about aliens and US government/military contacts with alien races, but also deprived of super-advanced zero-point energy technology (sometimes called quantum vacuum zero-point energy – it is basically a free energy that fills space at infinite amount) that could make life on our planet energetically sustainable and rid the world of all and any energy-dependance and resulting power-struggles and looming conflicts. Just imagine the world without oil, gas, coal and atom as primary sources of energy. Ability for everyone to tap to unlimited source of energy would topple current economic order and reshape geopolitics.

In his foreword to Dr. Greer’s book “Hidden Truth Forbidden Knowledge” Brian O’Leary, Apollo Astronaut, says:

Dr. Steven Greer has provided amazing leadership in penetrating the mysteries not only of the phenomenon itself, but the shadowy corners of US government and corporate cover-up of it. As a result, Dr. Greer has proven himself time and time again as a fearless and energetic warrior on the leading edge of planetary change.”

Quite a badge from a national hero, one must admit.

Dr. Greer’s CSETI project proved to be a big success.

Ever since the emergence of Dr. Steven Greer as the disclosure project leader and key expert on US government and military-industrial complex cover-up of the UFO phenomenon there has been much discussion about what he is or is not. He has been given names and dubbed anything from fantasist to snake oil salesman. He has been attacked and “debunked” because no one really could understand how a regular emergency room physician could have actually penetrated the dark world of military and intelligence black programs and gain direct access to and ear of “heads of state, CIA officials, billionaires and covert operatives”[3]. Steven Greer claims to have briefed on the UFO matter no less than the President of the United States, Director in office of the CIA and FBI. He also claims to have been discussing the UFO secrets with the likes of Rockefeller.

What really happened that made him move from a career as an emergency room doctor into a role of a “courier of a message that is insisting to be heard?”[4]

Who is Dr. Steven Greer?

Imagine you are an established professional in a well paid field.

Imagine you have put effort and time in obtaining your credentials and professional accreditation.

Imagine you have achieved all that with no family connections to back you up or no other support from elsewhere, be it pecuniary or of the social-networking type that would allow for you to meet with the people of position and power to aid you in your pursuits.

Couple this with the fact that you come from a poor family where the survival rather than pursuit of the current common lifestyle was the major concern.

And ask yourself this: what kind of epiphany would you have to experience to make you sidetrack all you have achieved thus far? What kind of an event would you have to experience to put your current life (and your family’s) in jeopardy for the sake of pursuing a subject of public ridicule that could result in potential loss of your professional credibility, jeopardy of your career, and, generally speaking, loss of foothold within the very same social group you have so hard struggled to become part of?

It looks like there are only two possible answers to that: you either lose your mind and you don’t care, or you actually become privy with information of such magnitude and gravity that puts everything you have known and experience so far in a completely different perspective. A vastly less significant perspective, one must assume.

Think of those thousands of abductees and eye witnesses out there who constantly come forward and speak in different live forums and online about what they have experienced. Yet none of them have managed to break out from the confines of youtube or local meetings of the UFO enthusiasts. Let alone get anywhere near the President of the United States of America and have his ear for their story.

I had a chance to meet Dr. Greer in person during the first night of his SIRIUS movie in Los Angeles on April 24, 2013. We had a brief exchange on the UFO phenomenon and the worldwide conspiracy by powers that be (industrial-military complex) to keep the clean energy technology secret from public, to allow continuous profiteering by a few from the sale of oil, coal and nuclear energy. He immediately strikes you as a serious, balanced and organized person, more of a cool-minded, cold-hearted businessman type rather than a loose cannon street prophet or frenzy leader of a sect. He speaks slowly and distinctly, does not make unnecessary or redundant gestures, controls his body language. He is charismatic, tall, well built, speaks with a deep voice. He has a degree in a highly respected area, so in a natural way he comes across as an authority. He feels like a five star general. Born to lead. The alpha dog.

If you think about it you cannot escape the conclusion that it all feels almost as if Dr. Greer was engineered, planned from A to Z, with attention paid to smallest traits of his personality. It feels like Dr. Greer is not out there, leading the world towards the reckoning, by chance or accident. It looks like he was carefully selected and put in place to further an agenda. Unless you really believe that he can mentally teleport himself to another location on Earth and beyond, and that by sheer power of concentration he can call ETs and invite them over to a meeting at a location of his choosing, “in an attempt to vector UFOs into a specific area for the purposes of initiating communication” by means of “contact protocols (that) include the use of light, sound, and thought (where) thought – specifically consciousness – is the primary mode of initiating contact.” (source: CSETI)

If we choose to leave aside the supernatural (lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences, ability to mentally contact ETs) you are left with only two possibilities.

The Bad Guy

The first one is that Dr. Steven Greer is a front of a powerful business organization that has managed to reach and skilfully use high-profile eye witnesses in order to make money from global sales of UFO related products.

After all, if you are truly on a mission to wake the world to the game-changing truth you have somehow come to learn it is safe to assume you would act out of altruism rather than try and make a buck selling guides on Remote Viewing and ET Contact Protocols or Contact Expeditions

From Dr. Steven Greer CSETI website:

You are invited to attend a special week with Dr. Steven Greer to make contact with ET civilizations.
Each week long intensive is limited to about 25 registrants and provides for an intensive training program with Dr. Greer.
It is also a true expedition, where each night we will go out under the stars for 4-5 hours to make Contact using the very effective CE-5 Contact Protocols.
During this intensive training program you will learn:

    1. How to make Contact with ET civilizations using the CE-5 protocols and how to really become an Ambassador to the Universe
      Advanced training in mantra meditation
      Advanced techniques of Remote Viewing, Precognition and the Science of Consciousness
      The Effects of the Sanskrit Puja as we make sacred the place for Contact using this ancient Vedic Ceremony
      An update on world-wide Disclosure Project developments by Dr. Greer and the progress being made with leaders around the world
      An in depth review of New Energy technologies, including free energy from the zero point field, anti-gravity and how the World can be transformed with these new sciences
      A deep understanding of the next great cycle on Earth: One of Universal Peace, Free Energy, Abundance and Enlightenment through higher states of Consciousness
      How to set up your own Contact Team in your local area to continue to make Contact with ET visitors to Earth!

      FEE: $2500

  • The above is just one example of many offers from Dr. Steven Greer. Additionally, the following products are currently being sold on Dr. Greer’s Sirius Disclosure website: apps, books, CDs, “combo deals”, DVDs, Events, eBooks, MP3s, Tickets and Training Programs.

    Could it be then that Dr. Steven Greer is nothing else but a skilled salesman, backed up by a like-minded businessman(men), who pioneered in professional monetization on the vast masses of those who “want to believe”? Could it be that they simply used the existing witnesses and put together a marketing plan that skilfully exploits those witnesses to further their business?

    It would be a very tempting and straightforward conclusion to make, if it hadn’t been for one little fact that actually makes one wonder if it is not something else, after all.

    The CE5 Contact Expeditions that Dr. Steven Greer offers on his website. The whole point is to go out there, spend a few hours at night under the sky, and try and make contact with ETs by means of the contact protocol developed by Dr. Greer himself. And it looks like it actually works!

    Below is a video recorded on a few occasions during the CE5 protocol “contact expeditions” (gracefully called Ambassador Trainings), the ones you can be a part of if you pay the $2500 fee. You will see how strange lights materialize out of thin air and display behavior that is not characteristic of a plane, flare, shooting star or a celestial object.

    The question is this: if it is all fabrication and scam, what is it that actually shows in the skies, precisely during the CE5 protocol sessions, and in all these different locations? At the moment this article was written (June 2015) one of the expeditions offered on Dr. Greer’s website will be as far as Portugal. The implications of this are as follows. If we assume that what people see in the sky is an artificial, man-made object, it would have to be big and probably complicated enough to be seen from a distance. If it is just some sort of equipment, imagine the logistic challenges of transporting it all over the globe, not to mention the extent of an effort the people behind it would need to make to keep the undertaking secret.

    Unless we are talking drones. Take a look.

    We could safely assume that someone in the distance simply fires up a couple of drones with some sort of beam lights attached to them. Such drone can hover low above the ground, lower than a helicopter, and make swift aerial manouvers.

    Now. If you go back to the video from the contact expeditions above, notice how Dr. Greer impatiently urges one of the participants to switch off the night scope. “Please turn off the night scope, Charles” (1:00-1:05). Why? And why does he keep flashing the laser pen into the night? The ETs have already arrived and have made contact. They must be aware of the party’s location. Unless, again, this is a way for Dr. Greer to send a message to the operator of the drones – “we see you, we are at this location here”.

    The Good Guy

    If we choose to believe that the objects which materialize in the sky during Dr. Greer’s expeditions are not from this planet, then we need to look at the alternative explanation. One that will probably spark the imagination of those who choose to believe there actually is something extraterrestrial to Dr. Greer’s story.

    Here we would need to assume that Dr. Steven Greer is a front of an organization much more mysterious and powerful than just a mere joint-venture of skilled businessmen. Perhaps he has been chosen to actually spark the light of truth among us, “sheeple”? Those who follow the developments in the UFO disclosure are familiar with the concept that the industrial-military complex holds the key to all secrets, and that one can only get privy with the beyond top-secret information on the “need to know” basis. Meaning that even the President of the United States is not in position to access the vault (this makes sense – the President is merely a passer-by. Four – eight years in the office and he is gone. Why share such secrets with someone who by definition holds power only temporarily?).

    So the assumption would be that there is a group who want the truth about alien visitations to Earth and alien technology to come to light. In this scenario the lights in the sky are the so called ARVs (Alien Reconstructed Vehicles) rather than actual UFOs. Perhaps they are trying to gradually release the truth to the public because they have reasons to believe if it is released too rapidly it could harm the existing world order?

    There are two valid arguments to support this theory. One is that there actually is something unusual happening during those contact expeditions. The other, much more convincing, is the fact that Dr. Greer actually managed to reach probably the most powerful people in this country: President of the United States of America, Director in Office of the CIA and FBI and Rockefeller. This is one admirable achievement on its own.

    I have already noted it here but let me say this again: there are literally thousands and thousands of people who claim to have been in contact with aliens, abductees, self-proclaimed prophets and “ambassadors” from various alien races. How is it that none of them has ever been able to come even close to officials of this level, let alone create the aura of trust and commitment among hundreds of high ranking ex military, politicians and covert operatives that encouraged them to step forward and publicly say what they know?

    At the end of the day each of us must try and solve this puzzle on our own. Some facts about Dr. Steven Greer seem to suggest that he is merely a skilled businessman, or a conman who has somehow managed to make millions of people believe that he is privy to the most secret piece of information in the history of human kind – that we are not alone. Some other, especially the strange occurrences during his expeditions and the ability to reach the most prominent, powerful, rich and influential people in the USA make the whole story a bit less obvious and add a layer of actual mystery to his undertakings.

    If you have your own opinion about Dr. Greer, know some facts that are not widely known or have any vital information on who he actually is and on whose behalf he acts – do let us know. Drop a comment under the article or join our discussion forum and feel free to start a thread. Have your say.

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    • contactee21

      Have you, Mr. Yutani, tried using any of the techniques Dr. Greer explains to make contact?

      • Hi, I did try the downloadable app but it did not work for me. If you, or any of the readers, had a positive experience with any of Dr. Greer’s techniques I’d really like to hear about it. Please share your experiences.

    • jimpliciter

      Greer’s manner of presenting sci-fi is a very refreshing format indeed- it makes it feel as if it’s all real. One is reminded of the fabled “War of the World” broadcast that was alleged to have caused mass hysteria. It’s proof that you have to shake up the tired, standard formats (literature, film, visual art, etc.) if you want to have an impact. He’s an entertainer and quite a convincing one at that.

      • HusBinPharteen

        Yeah, he’s an excellent charlatan. P.T. Barnum would be SOOO proud.

    • HusBinPharteen

      Steven Greer is a bullsh!t artist and scammer who cannot back up ANY of his bizarre claims with a shred of scientific proof. He takes photos of fireflies and calls them aliens and has obviously been getting high on his own supply. CIA Director James Woolsey sent a letter calling out Greer for his blatant untruths about the alleged CIA “ufo debriefing dinner”. Easily found on a google search.

    • casskintas

      I want to believe. I really do think that there is a credibility to his conspiracy ideas. If we look at the imbalance of the wealth of the world and the heart breaking poverty we live with and sadly accept we really are sheeples. That is just the tip of the iceberg the fossil fuel nightmare the fact that some time soon we will run out of that and food will soon be in short supply. Our economic society has a simple fault, it depends on growth, our planet is limited, growth means bigger, bigger economies for each country it doesn’t work greed and our nature stuffs it up and it is finite to begin with. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the answer was just around the bend, alien technology, a fairer world order?
      Weather he is a fake, part fake or the real deal I don’t have a clue. What I do know is that he says on a universal level of morality and spiritual development we are zero and the aliens are perhaps 300 to 500 level, honestly in our hearts we don’t need aliens to tell us that, we have a long way to go. Statistically aliens are probably true the universe is too big and vast for it not to be.
      We are all here on our little rock and we need to make a choice toward a better planet, that part of it no one needs to tell us. The end of the movie, Contact Jody Foster says “we are capable of such beautiful dreams and such horrible nightmares”.. True or fake Greer is on track about a direction we can go in, to improve as people, if we did that all 7.5 billion of us may find a better question than is he a snake oil salesman.

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