Sgt. Clifford Stone. Man Who Retrieved Crashed UFOs.

Watch the 1-hour testimony interview with Sgt. Clifford Stone, former member of an elite Extraterrestrial Retrieval Team who had direct, first-hand contact with extraterrestrial beings.

Sgt. Clifford Stone

Sgt. Clifford Stone – Man Who Retrieved Crashed UFOs

This is by far the most powerful and moving testimony we have had a chance to see so far. Sgt. Clifford Stone SFC (Sergeant First Class), U.S. Army (ret.), was born January 2, 1949, in Portsmouth, Ohio. During his service with the U.S. Army he spent over 20 years as a member of the elite Extraterrestrial Retrieval Team. He had first hand experience with crashed ET craft, as well as with actual extraterrestrial beings. What you are going to hear in this interview is not a second hand story, repeated by someone who heard something from another person. This is an emotional, detailed and at some points heart-rending testimony from an actual participant of the events that most of us would think could only happen in the movies.

In this 1 hour interview Sgt. Clifford Stone covers a lot of ground, touching on topics like the 1947 Roswell incident, 1942 Battle of LA, Project Moon Dust, the NRO, special access programs, so called Blue Fly Teams, space craft recovery and the famous UK Bentwaters incident. The most gripping parts, however, are where he describes his close encounters with extraterrestrial beings.

I am prepared to state that we have contact with aliens not originating from some foreign country but from some other solar system. And I have been a party to that. I have worked it, I have been there, and I know some other things we do that are really terrible.
– Sgt. Clifford Stone


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