Actual US Military Radar UFO Footage Over Nellis AFB

The person who illegally smuggled the footage out of the military base got caught and sentenced to jail. This is actual footage. Please listen to the dialogue between radar operators who mention "unknown aircraft" and are completely clueless as to what the object is.

Genuine US Military Radar UFO Footage

This is as legit as it goes. The source of the footage is US military and it was taken on the S13 site in Nevada (Nellis Air Force Base). You will see an unidentified flying object approaching the radar up to a point where you can see the energy field generated by the drive manifesting around the object and distorting the immediate vicinity of the craft (hummingbird wing flutter effect).

The radar operators watching the object sound completely confused and are not able to recognize the craft. At some point the object is jamming the radar, cancelling out the readouts and overriding the “kill” lock on target.

This footage was smuggled out of the base in the 90s by an individual who later got tracked down and put in jail for this.

US military radar UFO footage over Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada (go full-screen for better visual)

Watch again with explanations:


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