Who Do You Trust?

who do you trust


Have you ever seen a bacteria or a black hole? With your own eyes, not on TV or in a book? So how do you know they are real? How do you accept they are real? If you think about it you will come to conclusion it’s because you hear about them from people you perceive as authorities and experts. Your doctor, your teacher, a scientist on a TV popular science program, even your parents. You read about them in books, papers and magazines. Ultimately, not having seen one, you accept their existence by relying on other people’s expertise and credibility.

What if the people you trust suddenly come forward with a statement that goes against what is widely accepted as not controversial? Why would they risk ruining their careers and reputations? Would you immediately dismiss them as not credible or wonder what made them say something like that?

Most of us like to think of ourselves we are inquisitive, perceptive and can easily tell facts from fiction. Yet, given the volume of information available to the wide public on the Internet and from other sources, as well as the quantum leap in home computer data processing capabilities over the last two decades, it sometimes does take an expert eye to sort the wheat from the chaff. Now, none of us neither is nor possibly can be an expert in everything. The days of home-schooled savants and humanists are long gone. As expert an accountant or lawyer you may be, you will not be able to tell whether or not the piece of video footage you are watching has been doctored or otherwise manipulated. You will need an expert judgement to help you make up your mind.

An expert is someone who derives his/her knowledge from many years of professional experience. Someone able to analyze information with cold-eyed precision. Someone who spent so many years doing his/her job, that s/he becomes an unquestioned, respected and widely recognized authority.

Here, at unacknowledged.info, we only trust authorities. We try to present only such opinions and hypotheses, which by the authority of the expert involved may present a valuable source of information. However, once this information is presented, we always leave it to you to make your own judgment. We collect and gather as much valuable information as possible. You be the judge.

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