Former NASA Contractor Testifies to Alien Presence on the Moon

In 1970 and 1971 Donna Hare worked for a NASA contractor and had access to Agency's facilities, including photo labs. She had a "Secret" clearance at the time which allowed her to enter some restricted areas. It was there where she incidentally came across the evidence of alien presence on the Moon.

Donna Hare Former NASA Contractor

Donna Hare Former NASA Contractor

Donna Hare was an employee of a NASA contractor and she was cleared to access some of the Agency’s restricted areas, including photo labs. It was in one of NASA photo labs where she had a conversation with a man she was friends with at the time who drew her attention to one of the photographs that were pinned to a large panel. What she saw on that photo started a conversation in which the man explained to her that there is documented alien presence both on the Earth and on the Moon.

Watch the testimony.


  • Maria Eugenia Adams

    It is extremely depressing to glimpse into so many secrets kept from us, and by people we trust in positions of authority and in the government. It is horrible that technology has been kept away and hidden instead of utilized to make the world a better place. These so called secrets BELONG to all humanity and it is evil to keep them in hiding. Unfortunately people that have tried to disclose them have been maligned and “debunked” so that the public is ignorant of these disclosure attempts. If all this is fact I cannot wrap my head about the advancements made that we dont know about. What a waste!!!

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