Alien Interview – Leaked Tape?

Mysterious whistleblower sells a videotaped alien and talks. The video tape has been circulating around the web for almost two decades now, yet no one has managed to conclusively prove it to be a hoax. The identity of the whistleblower who goes by the name Victor has not been discovered, either. As a result this footage remains either the most important piece of video material in the history of mankind, or the best hoax ever made. Either way Victor deserves a place in the annals of ufology.

alien interview

Real alien? A frame from the allegedly leaked alien interview tape.

Disclaimer: Due to controversial nature of the material we have decided to publish it in the “Mystery” section, rather than under the “UFO”. Explanation follows.

The footage you are about to see is very unusual because of it’s origin, source and the circumstances in which it came to light. In fact, if it wasn’t for the exceptional, unique quality of the footage and the positive expert opinions behind it, we would never decide to publish it at all. We have only chosen to go ahead with the material because if indeed real, as some experts claim, it is the most important piece of video footage in the history, as it shows actual alien being interviewed/interrogated in an undisclosed location, very likely a military installation like Area 51.

There are hundreds of videos on the Web with alleged alien “interviews”. It is safe to assume that those videos are vastly an effect of digital manipulation. In order to produce footage that cannot be easily identified as visual sfx one must have hardware, software and skills which are usually far beyond what one can afford for home use. And even then the material would have to be convincing enough to effectively mislead experts in the visual and motion graphics industry who will, undoubtedly, be called to verify the footage. Given these circumstances only a very limited number of top-notch motion picture visual sfx professionals would be in position to produce such footage.

Tim Coleman, President, Rocket PicturesAnother, equally important part of such undertaking would be to convincingly “sell” the story. This would require a solid dose of determination and consequence as the “whistleblower” would have to contact the world via i.e. press or a TV station and be able to credibly present him(her)self and respond to dozens of questions before a potential release of the material to the public. If you make up a story it is very likely you will not be able to keep it straight all the way.

Both the prerequisites (flawless, high quality footage and the gravitas of the whistleblower character) are present in this material. In fact, they are so distinct that the experts who have been called to evaluate the video are (mostly) in agreement that the material is genuine. It must be noted, however, the expert voice is not unanimous.

We have chosen to publish the material and leave the final evaluation of the alien interview footage to our readers. As always in such cases – you be the judge.

Alien interview in brief:

VictorOn Friday July 26, 1996, Rocket Pictures – producer and distributor of motion pictures and TV programs received a phone call. A male voice identifying himself as “Victor” claimed to be in possession of a videotaped interview with an extraterrestrial being. Tom Coleman, president of Rocket Pictures, was intrigued enough to take the call. Initially he thought this was a hoax, but as they spoke the man on the other side of the phone sounded very serious. Eventually, however, Tom Coleman decided what he was hearing was “too much” and hung up. As he did so he immediately had this eerie feeling that “maybe, just maybe, there was something in here”. Not comfortable with the idea that perhaps most important piece of evidence in history proving the existence of alien life forms might be slipping through his fingers, he agreed to pay for both the tape and the interview with “Victor” (as the whistleblower presented himself).

“It’s remarkable piece of footage. If it’s a hoax, it is very well done. If it’s not then (…) it’s revolutionary.” – Sean Morton (self-described psychic, hosts radio shows, authors books, and makes documentary films – more)

“It’s fake in my opinion”. – Rick Baker (Academy Award winner, American special makeup effects artist known for his creature effects – more)

“This is powerful because this is not a staged event. It’s real” – Robert Dean (US Army Command Sergeant Major (Ret.) – more)

This is a documentary where you can see both the interview with Victor and the alien interrogation footage:

Although the interview was shot almost 20 years ago (1996) it has never been debunked or proven a hoax. Attempts have been made to discover Victor’s true identity. Some say Victor is Bob Lazar, others that it is Robert Dean himself (yes, the same person who speaks as one of the experts in the documentary) but the claims are not convincing, let alone conclusive. In fact, Victor surfaced once again in 2007, 11 years after the original interview. In that last, dramatic appearance on camera he dared the debunkers to prove the footage was not genuine and that he was not whom he claimed to be. He also expressed his opinion on the experts’ evaluation of the alien interview footage from the documentary. Another 6 years have passed and the material still stands.

Part 1:
Part 2:

Best hoax in history or actual proof that we are not alone?

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