Aliens on Mars? Soviet Probe Photographs UFO.

Phobos 1 and Phobos 2 were two Soviet Mars probes lost in mysterious circumstances. Before loss of contact Phobos 2 managed to transmit a number of images which puzzled the scientists and raised questions about aliens on Mars.

Phobos 2 - aliens on Mars ?
Mission to Mars

In 1988 Soviet Union launched two probes to Mars as part of a program to study Mars and its two moons Phobos and Deimos. Phobos 1 and Phobos 2 were launched within a span of 5 days and were taken off Earth by Proton-K rockets. Phobos 1 never made it to Mars due to a human-mistake of one of the mission operators who “prematurely switched the probe off”. Phobos 2, however, reached the orbit and returned a few dozens of images of Mars surface. Just before the deployment of a planned Phobos lander contact with Phobos 2 was suddenly lost – this time for unknown reasons.

The batch of images received successively from Phobos 2 puzzled the scientists. From the height of 6000 kilometers over the Martian surface Phobos was capable of capturing objects down to the size of 2 kilometers. On March 1, 1989, images revealed a suspiciously regular grid of very thin lines on the planet surface. The grid was photographed both in the optical and infra-red (heat distribution) ranges. The lines were 2-3 kilometers wide. Possible ancient remnants of life or a civilization?

Mystery grid on Mars surface

Mystery grid on Mars surface

On March 26 Phobos 2 sends even more mysterious images from Mars. Just south of the Mars equator an image of an unexplained elliptical shape is captured (with optical and heat-seeking instruments) which, upon closer examination, appears to be a shadow of an object either above or on the ground. Russian mission control promised to return with an explanation of the mysterious martian shadow but they never did.

Russians were very reluctant in providing explanations to what the grid and the elliptical shadow were. Things got even more suspiciously-looking when contact with Phobos 2 was suddenly lost and Russians chose to withhold the last images captured by the probe just before ground control lost the probe. They did, however, release a statement saying that the pictures show “an object coming towards the space craft, which should not have been there.”

Aliens on Mars?

The Soviets were to bring the last picture taken by Phobos 2 to a science conference in Exeter, UK, for the scientific community to evaluate it. But they didn’t. Instead, the Russian Space Agency informed that the picture shows an object captured in infra-red which can “surely be explained in understandable, natural and physical terms”. One plausible theory could be that it was a meteorite which collided with the probe destroying it.

Shadow on Mars captured by Phobos 2

Shadow on Mars captured by Phobos 2

However, in 1990 one of the professors of the Soviet Space Research Institute gave an interview in which he discredited the meteorite theory.

They did, however, release a statement saying that the pictures show “an object coming towards the space craft, which should not have been there.”

In 1991 Marina Popovich, a former cosmonaut trainee and retired air force colonel, held a surprise press conference at the Russian consulate in San Francisco. She brought and revealed the mysterious last picture taken by Phobos 2. There was a strange shape in the foreground. During the press conference Popovich continually referred to it as an “unidentified flying object”. This was the evidence that something unexpected happened, and that the probe was approached by an unknown object on the Martian orbit. This is when speculations about aliens on Mars began, which were fueled even further in 1992 when scientists, having examined all existing photographs of the mysterious elliptical sadow photographed by Phobos 2, concluded that the shadow “was actually moving” (sic!).

Could it be that there indeed are aliens on Mars and that they interrupted the Phobos program by interfering with the Soviet probes? Today we already know that evidence of life has been found on Mars. And if NASA says advanced life could have existed on Mars in ancient times, how do we know it is still not there but, perhaps, withdrawn from the surface to somewhere where we are not able to reach yet. Watch the documentary:

  • Brett Allen

    UFOs buzzing about our planet daily, and for as long as recorded history has been kept, undisputable FOI documents, over 400 government, military and aviation officials of The Disclosure Project, ready and willing (since 1992) to testify before Congress (to a arousing round of… silence), Dr. Edgar Mitchell (virtually ignored), Major Gordon Cooper (virtually ignored), Story Musgrave (ignored), Buzz Aldrin (ignored), Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer (virtually ignored), Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Colonel Phillip Corso, Dr, Marina Popovich, etc, etc, etc, etc, and yet even after Popovich’s incredible act of bravery and espionage against Mother Russia, she too is still talking UFOs, yet no one cares. No government responses.
    To those paying attention, it sure seems someone is trying very hard not to notice, a plan eerily reminiscent of the response to the terrorists at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Who would have ever thought at least the world’s top scientists, wouldn’t have come running in a clamour, demanding hearings, as NSA agents grabbed these people on the grounds of National Security and whisked them away…. but still… snooozzzorama. Remember, it’s only a subject if YOU acknowledge it!
    “Could it be that there indeed are aliens on Mars and that they interrupted the Phobos program… ? I take it that’s rhetorical. Both Popovich and Mitchell, at one time, two of the superpower’s biggest heros, yet no government responses? The silence is deafening.
    Amazing, I remember the Phobos news conference, just as I do the Apollo landings when the astronauts spoke of witnessing some very strange sights in a creator, as well as their seeing a flashing light in Oriental, and witnessing strange tiled floors and terraces: Floors? Terraces? I also remember them switching channels and using codewords when excited. My father remembered UFOs violating Washington airspace, on three consecutive weekends in July 1952, known as The Washington Flap or Merry go Round, yet 65 yrs later, few if any remembered, even weeks after the event. The actually blinked from sight and radar everytime fighters were scrambled… and researchers know the rest. Remember, it’s only a subject if YOU acknowledge it, just leave them alone and they’ll go back to sleep. Never, ever, ever wake a sleepwalker.
    Brett Allen – Cover UFO Magazine 2009

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