Apollo 11 Moon Landing Hoax?

Did Neil Armstrong really set first man's foot on the Moon? Or was the entire Apollo 11 mission a meticulously staged spectacle in order to stay in the space conquest game against the Russians amidst the cold war? Surprisingly many details seem to point to the latter version of events.

moon landing hoax

Did Neil Armstrong really set first man’s foot on the Moon or was the entire landing a hoax, filmed on location in Area 51, courtesy of CIA and NSA? Was Apollo 11 Moon landing hoax? There has been much heated debating over the subject where the conspiracy proponents point out to many suspicious irregularities and unexplainable glitches in the Moon landing footage and photography only to get fiercely (often times hysterically and blindly) countered by the mainstream and get accused of being “one spoonful short of a silverware”, to put it mildly.


Apollo 11 crew

Neil Armstrong’s famous line “This is a small step for a man, but a giant leap for the man kind” has carved itself so deeply in the popular picture and understanding of mankind’s conquer of space, that any voice to question Apollo 11 mission authenticity sounds like a blasphemy. Yet, if there were simple explanations to many questions asked, why not just give simple, convincing answers, rather than hold position in a dogmatic denial?

Unfortunately for those who trust the official NASA/TV version of the events much of the questioning comes from expert circles. One example could be the opinion of Dr. David Groves, physicist and holographic computer image analyst, who [at the time of making the following movie] had been involved in image analysis for more than two decades and in that time had “used image processing techniques to extract 3D information from 2D images”. According to his words many NASA Moon landing pictures contain lots of inconsistencies, many of which have no rational explanation.

Similarly, Bill Wood, a qualified scientist with degrees in mathematics, physics and chemistry, who “has been granted top secret security clearance for many US government projects” expressed his doubts in front of a camera. He said that

“…we are all very proud that our country made this achievement. So there is a real reluctance to question anything that would destroy this lofty self-image. And particularly for the people who worked on the Apollo program. To many of them this was the most wonderful achievement that they ever produced in their entire life. And they would much rather think of it that way than to think that, like millions of other people, they were fooled into thinking that they were working on something that was not genuine.”


Food for thought. The following movie “Dark Mission – NASA Moon Hoax” presents the most popular theories on the alleged Moon Landing fakery. Many opinions are presented and, for the sake of credibility, from both sides of the fence. As you navigate through the labyrinth of PhD, BSc, Dr, Professor, industry expert and scientific exchanges of arguments, we encourage you to decide on your own. This compelling video throws into serious doubt the authenticity of the Apollo missions and features information that challenges the declared abilities of NASA to successfully send a man to the Moon and return him safely to Earth. New evidence clearly suggests that NASA hoaxed pictures allegedly taken on the lunar surface. These findings are supported by analysis and the testimony of experts from a wide variety of scientific disciplines.

Here is an interesting attempt at debunking the conspiracy (one of many out there):

Now – before you take sides and throw a stone at someone, let’s stir things up a bit and make it even more interesting. Who, in your opinion, could possibly be a more reliable source of information than the man himself? He was the first man to set the foot on the Moon. The living icon. Neil Armstrong. Having returned from the mission, instead of embracing his life achievement that broke new ground for entire mankind he turned into a low-profile recluse, clearly avoiding public attention. Why? Listen to this:

Also, you really want to see these:


  • The exchange of arguments between conspiracy theorists and the mainstream has been heated and ongoing ever since the flight took place. Where one side says “the video footage and photography from the mission just don’t add up and inconsistencies are in plain view”, the other replies “if we hadn’t landed on the Moon then how come we have the lunar laser ranging retroreflector array on the surface [of the Moon]? And who left the footprints and the rover?” Tough nut to crack. Or is it? There is another conspiracy theory which, if true, explains how both sides can have valid arguments at the same time. The theory goes that Apollo 11 crew did land on the Moon, however for a different purpose and, perhaps at a slightly different time than the official date, because they were there on a secret scouting mission for relics of alien civilization whose remnants were left behind and detected by NASA prior to the launch. And how do you keep secret a mission that was announced by the President on TV and then broadcast live for all to see? Well, you shoot in advance the “official” version to be broadcast in some desolate, high security area (yes, the “51”) and let people believe that what they are watching is the actual live broadcast, while the true mission is developing in the background.

    This way both sides of the current discussion have it right: the official footage is fake and it can be proven, and at the same time Apollo 11 did land on the Moon and, consequently, could have left the gear behind.

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