STS-80 UFO Encounter. Columbia Spots Strange Formation.

This was supposed to be a regular space shuttle mission but ended up as one of the strangest ones. On-board optics caught sight of unusual formation of what seemed to be intelligently organized objects.

STS-80 UFO encounter

STS-80 UFO footage

What is STS?
STS stands for Space Transportation System and a code prefix attached to each space shuttle mission. Each mission flown by space shuttles had its unique STS code. Initially, the mission were given sequential numbers, beginning with the STS-1 for Columbia first flight of April 12, 1981, but due to NASA’s unwillingness to use the number 13 for one of the forthcoming flights (supposedly after the Apollo 13 mishap) the coding got more complicated at some point.

STS-80 was a Columbia mission. The shuttle took off on November 19, 1996 from Kennedy Space Center as the last of three missions to deploy the Wake Shield Facility – an experimental science platform that was placed in low Earth orbit.
STS-80 UFO Encounter

Columbia STS-80 UFO Encounter - Mission Patch

Columbia STS-80 Mission Patch

The events that unfolded during the STS-80 flight place its mission among one of the strangest. On-board optical instruments recorded a lot of unexplained activity in direct proximity of the shuttle that NASA would later reduce to ice crystals, space junk and debris flying around.

The footage reveals unidentified sources of blinking light which, by itself may not seem particularly unusual (we’ve all heard a lot of those “unidentified blinking lights in the sky”). The light appear gradually, one by one, to eventually take shape of a circular formation. At the end of the sequence a bright light pops up in the very middle of the formation. The way the lights materialize and the final accord with the strongest light appearing in the exact center of the circle makes it all look very well managed and… well, eerily intelligent.

See for yourselves:


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