Jimmy Carter Admits to Seeing UFO

US former president Jimmy Carter speaks on Larry King Live about his UFO experience. This is one of many prominent individuals from politics, military and industry who have recently spoken openly about the reality of UFOs.

jimmy carter
This one is for those of you who are afraid to speak about their UFO experiences or discuss the topic in public out of fear of being ridiculed. Apparently Jimmy Carter, the 39th president of the USA, does not seem to be discouraged by the possibility. So you must ask yourself this – if a person of this caliber steps forward and does not hesitate to make a public statement to the fact that he saw a UFO, why should you be afraid to do so?

How does this statement discredit Jimmy Carter? To us it is rather a proof of the President’s integrity. Mr. Carter also says he does not think the object he saw could be attributed to “creatures from Mars” visiting us. But again, no one is claiming that. Nobody really knows what the sightings are about, that is exactly why they are classified as “unidentified”. What they really are is a matter of speculation and numerous on-going investigations, and the truth is yet to be revealed.

As of now all possibilities are on the table, and there seems to be no limit to theorizing of the true nature of the so called UFOs. Until this nature is finally settled your voice in the discussion is just as valid as anybody else’s.

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